How do I display/hide auxiliary fields?

Auxiliary Field Display Management

This document provides information for system administrators to display/hide auxiliary fields.  It is also available for download at the bottom.

Auxiliary Field Display

Auxiliary field display options are setup and modified manually via Workbench Page Configuration.

Navigation: Menu > Admin > Select Function > Workbench Configuration

Step 1: Select the Edit link in the desired auxiliary field.

Step 2: Make the desired changes.

The following fields are required:

  • Field Name


  • To hide the field from displaying, select the Hide
  • To make a field required for users to complete, select the Required
  • To configure the field with searchable drop-down list options, select the Searchable Dropdown radio button.
  • To configure the field to allow free-form text, select the Text Input radio button.
  • To allow the field content to display on the PO document, select the Display on PO


Step 3: Select the Update button to save.


How do I modify the auxiliary field information?




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