How do I modify my account codes?

This document provides information for system administrators on how account codes can be modified. Keep in mind, the account codes could be different depending on your General Ledger (GL) and their chart of accounts. 

Please note:  The account codes are budgetary and come from the GL on the customer’s ERP - not created and maintained in ESM solely.


Import Management

Account Codes are setup and modified via Import Management settings.

Navigation: Menu > Admin > Select Function > Import Management > Import Templates or Menu > Admin > Select Function > Account Code Configuration > Import Account Codes

Step 1: Select “Account Code” from the Template Type field.


Step 2: Download the Account Code Template.

The following fields are required:

  • Chart Name
  • Segment Name
  • Segment Value

Step 3: Create/Save the Account Code data file.


  • The Chart Name value must match one of the Chart Name values setup in the Chart of Accounts
  • The Segment Name value must match one of the Segment Name values setup in the Account Code Settings.
  • If integrated with an ERP/GL system, the Segment Value code value must match the ERP/GL system's Account Code segment code value.
  • The Segment Description value is optional but recommended to provide a user-friendly description for each account code.
  • If integrated with an ERP/GL system that provides account code data synchronization, it is recommended that account code records not be added or deleted directly in ESM, but rather through the data synchronization process only.

Step 4: Select the import parameters and the Account Code data file.


  • Select Update to update all matching account code records in the system with the data in the file. This will not affect records not included in the file.
  • Select Replace to replace all account code records with the data in the file.
  • Imported data files are processed nightly.

Step 5: Select Update to start the import process.


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