What is Mobile Approval?

ESM Solutions is now offering Mobile Approval.  This feature will allow your approvers to access and approve transactions from a mobile device. 


When the Mobile Approval feature is enabled, it changes the format of the approve email. 

  • The email will present the same details for the transaction, but the view is different.  Below is the view from a laptop or desktop:


  • There is a Review & Approve button at the bottom.  Click on Review & Approve > Log in > user be taken directly into the transaction to approve.


  • If accessing from a mobile device, the email will show like this:


  • When the approver clicks on Review & Approve > Login > will be taken directly into the transaction.
  • The transaction details are read only, no edits allowed.
  • The approver can click within the different areas to view the details and either approve or reject.



**To enable mobile approval, please contact ESM Support.**






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