How do I manage the catalogs on my Shop Page?

This document provides information for system administrators to manage catalog visibility on the Shop page.

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Catalog Visibility

Catalog visibility is setup via Shop Page Configuration.

Navigation: Menu > Admin > Select Function > Shop Page Configuration > Catalog Visibility


Step 1: Select the Catalog Name.

Step 2: Enter/Select search criteria.


  • When assigning a catalog to a large group of users, consider creating a User Group.
  • To view a specific user or user group's assigned visibility, enter the user or user group name in the User/Group Name
  • To view all user and user group assigned visibility, do not enter a value into the User/Group Name
  • To view all assigned users and user groups, select the Assigned option in the Visibility field.
  • To view all unassigned users and user groups, select the Unassigned option in the Visibility


Step 3: Select the Search button.

Step 4: Select the Assigned checkbox to assign visibility to the desired users and user groups.


  • Select the search results column headers to sort search results.
  • Un-check the Assigned checkbox to remove catalog visibility for users and user groups.

Step 5: Select the Update button to save.



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