How do I modify the Aux Field data?

Auxiliary Field Management

This document provides information for system administrators to modify auxiliary field information. It is also available for download at the bottom.

Import Management

Auxiliary field drop-down list content is setup and modified via Import Management settings.

Navigation: Menu > Admin > Select Function > Import Management > Import Templates

Step 1: Select “Aux Fields” from the Template Type field.

Step 2: Download the Aux Field Template.

The following fields are required:

  • Field Name
  • Description


Step 3: Create/Save the Auxiliary Field data file.


    • The Field Name value must match the Field Name value setup in the Workbench Page Configuration setting.
    • The Description values provide the drop-down list displayed options.
    • Auxiliary field drop-down list options are displayed in the same order as entered in the data file.
    • Description values can only be deactivated and not edited. To change an existing drop-down list option, import a new data file with the corresponding Description value for the field marked as Inactive in the Status field, then add a new Description value for the same field marked as Active in the Status field.
    • Each drop down value needs to be on a separate line in the template

Step 4: Select the import parameters and the Auxiliary Field data file.


    • Select Update to update all matching auxiliary field records in the system with the data in the file. This will not affect records not included in the file.
    • Select Replace to replace all auxiliary field records with the data in the file.
    • Imported data files are processed nightly.

Step 5: Select Update to start the import process.



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