What is the System Note?

The System Note is a popup that displays messages relating to the processing of a transaction. Some examples of these messages include:

  • Validation messages from a system administrator. These messages can display in the Checkout view prior to submitting a transaction for approval or releasing a transaction.
  • Successful release to the supplier if the transaction is released electronically (via email or XML)
  • Reference to a related transaction, if the transaction was initiated as the result of a published Sourcing award
  • If Blanket Order is enabled, a message will display if the transaction exceeds the amount remaining for the associated blanket order
  • Successful transmission to a third party GL/ERP system
  • Record number or other identifier from a third party GL/ERP system
  • Failed transmission to a third party GL/ERP system

These messages can occur when a transaction is validated, submitted for approval, released to the supplier, received, or invoiced.


Where is the update coming from?

  • In some cases, the message displayed is informational and is the result of the completion of a process. Most of these messages are generated by ESM Solutions.
  • If a transaction has failed validation, the message can be customized by a system administrator.
  • If a transaction has failed transmission to a GL/ERP system, the messaging is generated by the GL/ERP system. Any questions about the content of the message should be generated to a system administrator and/or the GL/ERP provider.


What do I need to do?

  • No action is required for informational messages.
  • If the transaction has failed a validation step or exceeds the remaining amount available for a blanket order, the transaction will need to be modified. For example, if the validation rule indicates the Credit Card payment form can’t be used for a particular supplier, the payment form should be changed to PO. The transaction can be re-submitted after editing. Questions regarding how to edit the transaction or why the validation error is occurring should be directed to a system administrator.
  • If the transaction has failed to transmit to the GL/ERP, there may be a connection issue or an issue with the transaction data. If there is a data issue, the transaction may need to be edited before it can be re-submitted. Questions regarding the content of these messages should be directed to the GL/ERP provider or system administrator.





System Note: Transaction has been released to the supplier. No action required.



System Note: Messaging returned from a GL/ERP system indicating a bad request. In this scenario, we would recommend contacting a system administrator to determine how to proceed. Below are three examples.





System Note: Informational messaging that includes a reference value assigned by a GL/ERP system as well as success messages.



System Note: Transaction has failed validation. The message displayed has been customized by an administrator. The transaction needs to be modified before it can be submitted.



System Note: Transaction exceeds remaining value of a blanket order. The transaction needs to be modified before it can be submitted. (This example only applies to customers with blanket order functionality enabled.)



System Note: Informational message indicating the transaction was generated from Sourcing. (This example only applies to customers who utilize Transaction to Sourcing.)









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