Event Library (Line Item Bid): Add/Edit Line Item Section (System Administrator)

Creating a Line Item Bid Section

The Line Item Bid sourcing event allows an entity to source specific items with detailed responses from suppliers based on a customizable table for item details. Other section types can be included in the template to request or provide additional information. Once responses are received and the Event due by date is reached, the entity can award each line item individually or the entire bid to a specific supplier. The process is explained below.

System Administrators can create the Line Item Bid section for templates under the Select Function drop-down menu option Event Library>Add/Edit Event Section. For information concerning the other section types, please see the article, “Event Library (RFx): Add/Edit Section.”

Enter the Name for the section and select Go. Please note that the name must be unique and will be visible to suppliers.



Select Add New to create the section.




Enter the Section Name, which will be visible to suppliers on published events, and the Section Type. Select Add to create the new section.


The system administrator enters content into the description and creates the columns for the line items. The description can include instructions for the suppliers. ESM recommends creating placeholders to direct event creators to update information concerning the specific event. Select update to save changes.


Instructions: Please complete columns [COLUMN HEADER], …., … for your response prior to submitting.  The event creator will replace the bracketed text with the specific required column for the event. 



Attachments can be added to the description by the System Administrator, to allow for a standard attachment for each event created with the section. Event creators can attach additional attachments that are specific to the event. Supplier attachments and a Supplier Input Box can be configured to be included and/or required for the event submission.



The line item columns can be configured to be required for the Supplier/Entity, Optional or Hidden. There are also two AUX fields available to configure and rename for special requirements.

Select the caret on one of the column headers to access the configuration options. Select Column Settings>Edit Column Configurations.


The configuration pop-up window will appear to create the required, optional and hidden columns. The fields can be configured to be required by the entity or the supplier. Select Update to save changes.


The System Administrator can change the column order using the same caret. Select Column Setting>Set Column Order.



The pop-up window allows the user to drag-and-drop the column headers to change the order. Select Update to save changes.








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