Attachment Library (System Administrator)

The Attachment Library allows system administrators to upload files into a central repository so that all users within the entity can access the files and attach them to events and sections as needed. For example, a survey form which should be sent as part of all events can be added to the library to ensure all entity users are accessing the same information.

Use the green plus sign icon to add new files to the library. The Update button will save all changes made in the screen. The Cancel button will revert any changes made since the last time the Update button was clicked.

  1. Attachment Description: This required field is used to identify the file. The description will be visible when a user accesses the library when attaching a file to an event or section.
  2. File Name: For each library entry, the associated file name will display. Clicking the file name will download a copy of the file. When creating a new entry in the library, the Choose File button will display to browse for the file to be uploaded.
  3. Effective Date: The effective date is the start date to make the file visible in the library. It will default to the current date.
  4. Expiration Date: The expiration date controls when the file will be removed from the attachment popup when modifying events and sections. The file will still be available in the Attachment Library screen after expiration. Leave this field blank if the file should always be visible.
  5. Linked Entities: This field will only display if the entity has a parent or child entity. It determines which of the parent/child entities can also access the file.
  6. Deactivate: Select this checkbox to remove the file from the attachment popup. The file will still be available in the Attachment Library. If needed, the checkbox can be unchecked to reactivate the file.
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