Edit Entity Settings for Events/Bids

Edit Entity Settings

General settings that govern how your sourcing environment behaves can be set by an administrator in Edit Entity Settings. This screen is accessed from the admin menu under the General Settings header.

The Update button will save all changes made in the screen. The Cancel button will revert any changes made since the last time the Update button was clicked.

  1. Footer Support Message: Customizable text in the footer of the application. Often used to specify an internal support contact within the organization.
  2. Logout URL: If utilizing Single Sign On (SSO) technology to access ESM Sourcing, specify the URL to direct users to upon logging out.
  3. Posting Board URL and Event Expiration : the external link to allow the entity to embed on a website, which allows unregistered suppliers to view posted sourcing events. The Expiration day counter will automatically remove postings within the specified time frame. 
  4. Invitation Type: An Invitation Only event is only sent to the suppliers selected during the process of publishing an event. An Open Invitation event is accessible to any supplier registered with ESM.
  5. Default: If both Invitation Types are enabled, select the default Invitation Type (Invitation Only or Open Invitation) when creating new events. When set to None, the user must select an Invitation Type when creating an event, as no default will be chosen.
  6. Allow Supplier Terms: Opportunity to default an area for suppliers to provide their response terms and condition upon response submission. 
  7. Display Awardee Default: Select Display if the supplier should be able to see the name of the awarded supplier/s within an event after an award has been published. Select Hide to prevent suppliers from seeing who received an award. When set to None, the user must select the Display or Hide option when creating an event, as no default will be chosen.
  8. Awardee Contact Info: Select Event Creator if the supplier should see the name of the user who created the event as a contact for award inquiries. Select Custom if you wish to specify a custom contact for award inquiries for all events using the fields below.
  9. Contact Name / Contact Email / Contact Phone: If Awardee Contact Info is set to Custom, a Contact Name, Contact Email or Contact Phone (or a combination of these) can be specified. This information will display when a supplier views the award details.
  10. Event ID Prefix: If a Starting Event ID is used, the Event ID Prefix can be utilized to create an alphabetical or alphanumeric prefix to display to the left of the Event ID. This field accepts up to 5 characters.
  11. Starting Event ID: This field can be used to establish a counter for the Event ID. For example, if the Starting Event ID is set to 100, the first event created in the entity will have an Event ID of 100. The next event will default to an Event ID of 101. This field is not required. If this field is not populated, the Event ID will default to blank and will need to be manually specified every time an event is created.

Customer Logo added to PDF

If a Customer Logo exists in Edit Entity Settings, it will display at the top of each page in the PDF version of a sourcing event when printed from the Manage or Award tabs. A supplier who generates an event PDF from the Supplier Portal or the Event Posting Board will also see the Customer Logo.

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