Add/Edit Location (System Administrator)

The Add/Edit Location screen is primarily used in the ESM Purchase application. It is provided in the Sourcing application in advance of possible future functionality. If the Purchase application is enabled for the entity, any Ship To locations created in Purchase will be accessible in Sourcing and vice versa; any changes made to a Ship To location will affect both applications.

The Update button will save all changes made in the screen. The Cancel button will revert any changes made since the last time the Update button was clicked.

  1. Location search: Use this field to search by location name. A popup window will display with search results.
  2. Location Name: Required field. Identifies the name of the location. Accepts up to 255 characters.
  3. Address Line 1: Required field. Specify the first line of the mailing or location address. Accepts up to 50 characters.
  4. Address Line 2: Specify additional address detail if needed. Accepts up to 50 characters.
  5. City: Specify the name of the city where the location resides. Accepts up to 50 characters.
  6. State: Required if Province is blank. Select from list of 50 US states.
  7. Province: Required if State is blank. Enter province where location resides, if applicable. Accepts up to 50 characters.
  8. Zip/Postal Code: Enter the mailing zip code for the location. Accepts up to 15 characters.
  9. Country: Select country where location resides from list. Defaults to United States.
  10. Phone: Enter the phone number associated with the location. Accepts up to 20 characters.
  11. Deactivate Location: Select if the location is no longer active for the entity.
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