Evaluate Tab: Evaluation by Committee

The Evaluate Tab is an optional addition to the award process that allows the event coordinator to select users to review specific sections of the event and propose awardees. Administer, Review, and Results are three user roles under the Evaluate functionality. A user may have one or more of these roles.



The Evaluate Administer user assigns sections for evaluators to review, assign scores, and propose their suggested awardee. First, the Evaluate Administer user will select an event. The Evaluate Administer user can search for events like the Manage tab search functionality.


When the administrator selects the event, a new field called Evaluation Due Date will display within the Event Header. The Evaluate Administer user may optionally choose a due date for responses from the reviewers.


Next, the Evaluate Administer user assigns Evaluate Reviewers to their applicable sections. Only users with Evaluate Review functionality will be available for assignment. The double arrows move all reviewers to the relevant side. The single arrow only moves over the highlighted reviewers to the relevant side. After assignment is completed, the Evaluate Administer user can go to the next section for assignment by either using the Next Section option or selecting sections from the navigation menu.


Supplier visibility gives the Evaluate Administer user the option to hide the supplier names, contact information and response attachments for certain Reviewers. Example: Brittany Manage will see Supplier 1, Supplier 2 and Supplier 3 during evaluation.


Finally, the Evaluate Administer selects the Remind button at any time to send a system generated email to the Reviewers to prompt them to create and submit their evaluation.



Upon login, the Evaluate Reviewer searches through specifically assigned events for evaluation.


After selecting an event to review, the Evaluate Reviewer is presented with the event header details and only the assigned sections on the navigation menu. Notice that this Evaluate Reviewer only has the HVAC Scope, Description of Work, and Pricing sections. The Reviewer does not have visibility to the HVAC Questions section. The Evaluate Reviewer has the option to view the supplier responses holistically by selecting the Supplier Name directly, or compare supplier responses side-by-side by selecting the correlating section.


If the Evaluate Reviewer selects the section in the outline menu for comparison, they will be directed to select the applicable suppliers.


The supplier grand totals are presented for the Evaluate Reviewer to drill into a specific supplier’s Pricing Matrix and enter the associated scores.

Drilling into Pricing Matrix

Entering Score for the Supplier


After the Evaluate Reviewer enters all the scores for suppliers by using the section comparison, or drilling into the supplier’s response individually, s/he proposes the suggested awardee(s) by selecting the supplier name in Evaluate Review.


After the Evaluate Reviewer has drilled into the Supplier, select the Propose button.


The system will present a confirmation pop-up to ensure the Evaluate Reviewer wants to propose the supplier as an awardee.


Once all the scores are completed and the awardee is proposed, the Evaluate Reviewer is ready to submit the Evaluation.


A confirmation banner appears to inform the Evaluate Reviewer the evaluation is submitted. The  Evaluate Reviewer may update the evaluation prior to award creation.




The Evaluate Results user can search through events that are currently in the evaluation process.


After selecting an event that is ready for review, the Evaluate Results user will see header information and a list of Reviewers that submitted a response. Notice that Jessica Roth did not submit her evaluation, but Joe Buyer and Brittany Manage have a date/time stamp for their submissions with their proposed awardee(s)/scores. To view the details of the Evaluate Reviewer’s submission, select the paper icon. A PDF will be generated to review the evaluation in further detail. Optionally, the Evaluate Results user may update the Award with the Reviewer’s proposed awardee by selecting the Update Award button.


After selecting Update Award, the Evaluate Results user receives a confirmation screen.


The response date/time stamp reflects when the evaluation was converted into Award and it will include the user who completed the action. Note that more than one Reviewer’s proposed awardee(s) can be updated into the Award.

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