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  1. Existing Events
  2. Response Status
  3. Copying an Event
  4. Inviting Additional Suppliers
  5. Addendums
  6. Publish Addendum
  7. Delete Addendum
  8. Retract Response


Existing Events

Under Manage > Existing, the user views the event history.

Search capabilities include the criteria below. After all criteria is chosen, select 'Search'.


The results default to all events sorted by the most recent create date. The results will be refined when search criteria are entered above. The Status will indicate the next steps of the event.


Response Status

Use the Response Status popup in the event header to track supplier activity after an event has been published.


For an Invitation Only event, all invited suppliers will display with their relevant status.

Applicable values for the supplier’s Response Status include:

  • Invited: The supplier received a notification of the event but has not viewed it.
  • In Progress: The supplier has viewed the event but has not submitted a response.
  • Submitted Response: The supplier has submitted a response for the event.
  • Returned: The supplier previously submitted a response, but the response was returned.

For an Open Invitation event, the Event Response Status will only list suppliers who have submitted a response.

The Event Response Status screen can be filtered as needed using the Supplier Search or Response Status drop-down.


Copying an Event

Use the Copy option in the Next Step drop-down to create a copy of the original event. After clicking the Copy button, a new event will be created. This option is useful if similar events are published to suppliers on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

The newly created event will contain any changes made to the original event. The Due By and Sealed By Date and Times (if applicable) will not be copied from the original event and will need to be populated. The Event ID will default based on the Event ID Counter, if specified in Edit Entity Settings, or will need to be populated in order to save the event.

A new Event Name will also need to be specified, as Event Names must be unique. The original Event Name will display by default.


Inviting Additional Suppliers

If an event is set to Invitation Only and more suppliers need to be invited after the initial publication, the user can select additional suppliers to invite.

After accessing the event, select Invite Additional Suppliers from the Next Step drop-down and click the Invite button.

Clicking the Invite button will launch the supplier search screen. Use the same steps from the Publish process to select the suppliers and generate an invitation.



If an event needs to be modified after it has been published to suppliers, an addendum will need to be created.

An addendum can be initiated by selecting the Create Addendum option from the Next Step drop-down, then clicking the Create button.

After clicking the Create button, the event will be editable to allow for modifications to necessary fields. The Event ID cannot be modified through an addendum.


Once changes have been made, select Update Addendum in the Next Step drop-down and click Update to ensure all changes are saved.


After saving the changes, the Addendum History will be populated. The Addendum History popup will display the current and previous version of any field modified through the addendum.


Click the View link to display the history.

A new Version will be saved each time an addendum is created. The Previous Value and Current Value will display as hyperlinks if the text is too large to display within the popup. Select the desired link to display the data in a new window.

An icon will also display beside each modified field or section. Clicking the icon will display a popup with the history of the specific area.


The popup will also display the Previous and Current Values for the modified field or section.


Publish Addendum

An addendum must be published each time it is created to communicate the event changes to suppliers. Select the Publish Addendum option from the Next Step drop-down to initiate the publish process.


A popup will display to allow the user to review changes made as part of the addendum.

The popup will display the same information as the Addendum History popup.

Optionally, the user can enter an addendum note. This note will be included in the email sent to suppliers to notify them of the addendum.

At this time, the Notify Suppliers checkbox will be checked. This checkbox may be editable in a future enhancement.

If an addendum is created,the supplier maintains the ability to modify the response prior to the event’s due date using the Retract Response option. The addendum email notification to the supplier will also indicate the Retract Response option should be used if changes are needed.

For Invitation Only events: After selecting the Publish button, the Publish screen will display to allow the user to invite additional suppliers, if necessary. Previously invited suppliers will display at the bottom of the screen. The user can then select the Publish button at either the top or bottom of the screen to finish the process of publishing the addendum. An email notification will then be sent to each invited supplier.

For Open Invitation events: Selecting the Publish button in the Review Changes popup will complete the process of publishing the addendum. An email notification will be sent to each supplier.


Delete Addendum

If the addendum is no longer needed, use the Delete Addendum option in the Next Step drop-down to remove it.

Selecting the Delete button will prompt with a confirmation message. If the addendum is deleted, all changes made as part of the addendum will be removed and will not be visible to suppliers.

An addendum can be deleted as long as it has not been published.


Retract Response

After a supplier has submitted a response, Retract Response option will be accessible in the Next Step drop-down. Selecting this option will change the response status to Retracted, which allows the supplier to make any necessary edits to the event response prior to the event’s due date without involving an entity contact.

When a response is retracted, an email confirmation will be sent to both the supplier and the entity user noted as the Requested By for the event. 

The Response Status popup, accessed from the event header in Manage or Award, will also reflect the updated status of the supplier’s response:

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