Awarding a Line Item Bid Event


The Award process allows for reviewing options.: Supplier Response Centric (Review by the complete supplier’s response) and Line Item Centric (Review each item with all the supplier responses). The responses may also be printed (See below)


Supplier Response View

When viewing an individual supplier’s response to an event in the Award tab, Line Item Bid sections will display a Propose Award checkbox for each response item. When checked, the supplier will be flagged as a proposed awardee for the line item. Each line item can be awarded to multiple suppliers if needed.




Item View

In the Event Header screen, each Line Item Bid section will display an Award Status for each item:

  • Proposed indicates one or more suppliers are planned awardees for the item
  • No Proposal indicates no suppliers have been selected as awardees for the item
  • Awarded indicates the proposed awards have been published
  • No Responses indicates the line item did not receive any responses from suppliers


The Award Status will be hyperlinked. Clicking the Award Status for the individual line item will navigate the user to a list of all supplier responses for that item. A supplier can be marked as a proposed awardee for a line by selecting the Propose Award checkbox. Each line item can be awarded to multiple suppliers if needed. The supplier’s name will display as a hyperlink; if clicked, the supplier response details, including contact information and any section notes or attachments provided by the supplier, will display. The Previous and Next links can be used to cycle through line items within the section, and the section name will be hyperlinked to allow the user to return to the full item view. 

Once the review process is complete and the supplier(s) have been proposed the award, the award is published using the Next Step Drop-down. The user could also select the Award No Responses upon.

The suppliers will receive a notification upon the publishing of the results.


For more information concerning other section type awards, please see the article "Awarding an RFx."


Retract Award

A user with access to the Award Tab is able to retract the published event award using Retract Award button.


The user has two options regarding supplier communication: Send an email notification to all suppliers who responded to the event or not to send a notification of the retraction. 

Select the appropriate option and confirm the action. Users may publish the award to a different supplier after the retraction is completed. 


Supplier Response – Print Line Item Bid sections

If a sourcing event contains any Line Item Bid sections, a zipped folder will be generated when the supplier selects the Print option from the Next Step drop-down. The folder will contain a PDF file listing the other event sections as well as an Excel spreadsheet with all Line Item Bid sections.


Reporting – Line Item Bid comparison

After selecting an event in the Award tab, the user can select the Print option from the Next Step drop down. If the event contains one or more line item bid sections, a folder will be generated with two files: a PDF containing all responses for question and answer and pricing matrix sections, as well as any content sections, and an Excel file containing all responses for line item bid sections. The Excel file can be used to analyze supplier responses before proposing awards.



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