Event Posting Board

Sourcing users can post their events to an external public website so that the event information can be viewed by all suppliers, even those who are not registered with the ESM Solutions supplier network.


When the Posting Board is enabled, two new settings will display in Edit Entity Settings.

  • Posting Board URL: The external website address for the Posting Board will be visible to administrators. The URL is used to access the posting board content.
  • Posting Board Event Expiration: This setting allows the administrator to determine if events can be automatically removed from the Posting Board. If specified, events will be removed from the Posting Board automatically after the specified number of days from the event’s publication date. The setting defaults to blank, meaning no automatic expiration will occur.

A sourcing event can be published or removed from the Posting Board by using the Next Step drop down.

The Publish to Posting Board option will become active as soon as all required fields are populated. Once an event is published to the posting board, the Remove from Posting Board option will become active to allow the user to remove the event from the Posting Board, if necessary. Once an event is published to the posting board, any addendums will be sent to the Posting Board automatically when an addendum is published.
The Posting Board Status indicates if an event has been published to the posting board or removed.

Suppliers can use the Search field on the Posting Board to search by Event ID or Name. The supplier can click the hyperlinked Event Name to download a PDF copy of the event. All files attached to the event will display under the Attachments heading and can be downloaded by clicking the file name.

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