J. Order Summary and Extracts

This document provides a condensed overview of Order Summary, Extracts and the Dashboard. It will demonstrate with short text descriptions supported by screen shots for each step explained.

Order Summary

Using the Menu drop-down, select Order Summary to search for a transaction(s).


Please Note: Order Summary access is a privilege that is assigned by System Administrators.


Enter at least one search criteria and select Search to generate results. The selection of multiple search criteria will filter results.


Users can select the caret to change the order of the search results based on the column selected.


Note: The default sort is arranged by Best Match.


Select the Transaction ID to view more details.


Users can select View Order for submitted transactions in the Next Step drop-down to print a PDF version of the order.


If the user has Order Summary Edit permissions, Unsubmitted transactions can be modified from Order Summary.

Select the System Note History to view System/General Ledger activity for the order.



Users can generate an Excel file of the search results by selecting Export. Please note this export is limited to the first 2,500 search results.


The user will receive an email containing the exported data.




When accessing a transaction in Order Summary, users with the Order Summary Edit privilege will see a Delete option in the Next Step drop-down after a transaction has been submitted to the supplier.


No notification will be sent to the supplier in the event the transaction is deleted. If your entity is GL/ERP integrated, you must manually update the third party system to account for the deleted transaction.

*If the user has Order Summary Edit permissions, Unsubmitted transactions can be modified from Order Summary.


Using the Menu drop-down, select Extracts to generate select reports.


Please Note: Entity-wide Extract access is a privilege associated with System Administrator permissions. All other users can only run Extracts for their own specific transactions.


Select the Type of extract from the drop-down menu, enter a name for the file and provide a date range as needed.


Select Go to execute the extract criteria.


The pop-up window confirms the submission. The user will receive an email when the extract is available.


The user can select Refresh to access the completed extract.


Select the Extract Name to download the extract.



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