G. Order Release Process

This document provides a condensed overview of the order release process.  It will demonstrate with short text descriptions supported by screen shots for each step explained.

Table of Contents

  1. Entity Configuration: Who Releases the Order
  2. Release Methods
  3. Releasing Orders
  4. Release Failed
  5. Re-Releasing Orders


Entity Configuration: Who Releases the Order?

The user responsible for releasing (and re-releasing) the order is determined by the Entity Settings.


As a result, the order can be released from the Checkout Tab, Approve tab or Manage Tab based on configuration.


Note: If the Originating User releases the order, an email notification is sent to prompt the requester to release the approved order.


Release Methods

The Requester (originating user) determines the release method and payment form, which are confirmed by the approver(s).


Electronic: Email or XML (Punchout catalog)

Manual: email is sent to user containing the purchase order. The user must provide the order to the supplier.

Confirming Request: Optional method that allows for a record of the order to be created without submitting it to the supplier; commonly used for already purchased commodities that need to have a record within the purchase system and potentially encumbering activity if integrated.


Releasing Orders

The user can release the order by selecting Prepare (Credit Card) or Release (Purchase Order).



If the Next Step drop-down states “Prepare CC Order,” the user will be prompted to enter the credit card information, select Continue, and select Place Your Order to confirm release.



If the Next Step drop-down states “Release PO,” the user will be prompted review the order, select Continue and select Place Your Order to confirm release.



A popup window appears to confirm Place Order.


When successfully submitted, the order will appear under the Selection filter “Submitted” with the Status of “Submitted to Supplier.” The user may select the Next Step “View Order” to print the order.



The System Note History states the time the order was successfully released.



Release Failed

ESM Customer Support receives a notification when an order released failed. The team will work with the supplier to resolve any issues.

The user may be prompted to re-release the order if the supplier did not receive it or the credit card was declined. If the supplier confirms receipt, Support will mark the order as Submitted and notify the user.


Re-Releasing Orders

Select “Re-release Order” from the Next Step drop-down.


Select Prepare (CC Order) or Release (PO).

If the Payment Form is Credit card and it was declined, provide new card information. Select Continue and Place Order.

Note: Re-released orders will state “Duplicate Order.”


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