ESM Resource Center

Located in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen when within ESM products the Resource Center can be accessed at any time by clicking the icon:


Help Icon


Upon clicking on the icon you will then be presented with the Resource Center options:


Resource Center


ESM Knowledge Base

Clicking through to this menu option will open the search functionality to access the ESM support material and FAQ documentation:

ESM Knowledge Base Section


This area of the Resource Center is powered by Zendesk:


Help Center


Based on the area of the system you are currently in suggested articles will display first, if no articles return here that you want to view you can use the search function:


Search in Help Center


Clicking on any article title that is returned will open it up for reading within the Help Center window:


Article clicked within Help Center


You can also click on the expand icon to open the article in a tab:


Expand Article Icon


ESM Support

From this section of the Resource Center, you can use the quick link buttons to either create a new support request or track your already created requests:

ESM Support Section

Submit New Request

Within the Technical Support menu section of the Resource Center click on the top Submit New Request button:


ESM Support Menu - Submit New Request

A new tab will then load within your browser with the support ticket creation form for completion:


Online Request Form


Enter the information into all the required fields and click the .... button at the bottom of the form to create your support ticket:


Submit Button


Manage Requests

Within the Technical Support of the Resource Center click the bottom Manage my Requests button:


ESM Support Menu - Manage Requests


A new tab will then load within your browser requesting you to log in to your Zendesk account, for further details on creating your personal Zendesk account please see this article:<insert article link>:


Sign In Button

Upon successful login you will be able to see all the tickets you have created and their current status with Support Team:


Zendesk Portal Home Page


Clicking on the subject of any ticket will allow you to view further details on the ticket, such as the full history of updates on the ticket and categorizations



This section of the Resource Center will be used to share with all users important updates & information such as links to new guidance content or changes:


ESM Announcements Section

When you see a number within the red circle this indicates that are announcements that have not been read, which may be of interested to you.


This section of the Resource Center contains interactive walkthroughs which can be clicked on and followed to help you complete actions within the system:

Guides Section


Once entered you can then select which guide you would like to run from the subsequent list:

Guide List


ESM Supplier Network

Within this section of the Resource Center requests can be made for supplier catalogs:

ESM Supplier Network Section


By clicking the button found within the Supplier Catalog menu:


ESM Supplier Network Menu


The link will take you to an online form, which you can complete to make your request.:

Online Supplier Catalog Request Form





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