Supplier Line Response - Copy and Pasting

Suppliers can respond to a Line Item Bid section by entering data row by row or by downloading the template, entering and saving responses, and then copying and pasting this data into the system.

Begin by clicking the Download Line Item Response Template button to export an Excel spreadsheet:


Download Line Item Response Template Button

Open the spreadsheet that has downloaded, this contains the same columns and column order which would display if entering data through the Supplier Portal:


Line Item Response Spreadsheet Template

In order to begin entering data into this spreadsheet you may need to click Enable Editing:


Enable Editing Button

You will only be able to add data into columns that have a white background. Otherwise cells will be grayed-out.

Once all the required data has been entered, highlight all the rows:


All Rows Highlighted

To copy this data either right-click and select Copy, or press Ctrl + c:


Copy Option

Return to the Supplier Portal and within the event response click the Click here to view item details text:


Click here to view item details option

A new window will appear where data can be entered. Click into the first cell and press Ctrl + v:


Line Item Response First Row


Data Pasted In

Be aware that copying and pasting data in will not complete checkbox fields, such as No Bid. These will need to be completed manually for each row:


No Bid Checkbox

Should your copy and paste of data contain the wrong data type, you will see the rows in question colored red with a validation error message:


Row with Data Error and Message

Once all the data has been entered and there are no rows colored red click the Exit full screen option to return to the event response and continue:


Exit Full Screen Option







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