Registering as a New Supplier

Suppliers begin their registration by going to the Supplier login page at and selecting the 'Register here' link.


OR by an email invitation from an ESM Sourcing Customer.

Email Example:


If navigating to the registration page from the Register here link, search by Supplier Name, Email and/or EIN to check to see if your company is already registered. (This step won't occur if you received an email invitation from an ESM customer.)



After you've performed your search, you can select a company from the results if you belong to their profile (this will pre-populate the left column of Company Information in the next step), or you can select 'I'd like to register as a new supplier' to create a new registration.



At the top of the page, a menu will display the 6 steps needed to complete the registration process.



Step 1: Company Information

Fill out the name, location and contact information and select 'Next' when ready.


Step 2: Additional Addresses

If necessary, you can add more addresses for your company. This is an optional step, as addresses can be added to the company profile in the Supplier Portal after logging in.



Step 3: Privacy and Terms

Click on the radio button to agree to the privacy and terms of use.


Step 4: Commodities

Use the search bar to enter NIGP Codes or keywords to describe the products/services that your company provides the customer. The checkbox will move the NIGP codes to the Assigned Commodities. The checkbox on the Assigned Commodities will remove the code from allocated list.

Customers can use NIGP Codes to search for suppliers when publishing events, so it is beneficial to select multiple codes that apply to your business. After registration, you can add/delete assigned Commodities through your ESM 'Profile' tab > 'Commodity Codes.'

Step 5: Password Setup

Select a Security Question to be used to authenticate when conducting a password reset.  The password for the account needs to be at least 7 characters in length and at least one letter and number.

Step 6: Complete

 Once all 6 steps of the registration are complete, a Congratulations message will display. The provided 'Click Here' link allows the supplier to login to the Supplier Portal.


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