Supplier Management tab - Viewing and Editing Suppliers

The Supplier Management tab is used to perform several supplier-related activities:

  • Search for suppliers
  • View a supplier’s information
  • Invite a supplier to register
  • Create a new supplier
  • Update an existing supplier

If ESM Purchase is enabled, the Supplier Management tab replaces the Add/Edit Supplier screen in the General Settings menu for Purchase administrators. Any suppliers previously loaded into the Purchase application – whether manually, through a template import or a GL/ERP sync – will be accessible in the Supplier Management tab.


Supplier Search

Users can enter all or part of a supplier name in the search bar to initiate a search. The Advanced Search allows users to filter by specific fields:

  • Address ID
  • Business Classification
  • Contact Email
  • Country
  • Province/Region
  • State
  • Status
  • Supplier ID
  • Supplier GL Code
  • Supplier Unique ID (if enabled)


After a search is performed, suppliers will be listed in the search results along with the status. If a supplier has been invited to register, the invitation date will be displayed. If a supplier has registered and submitted a response, the user who submitted the response as well as the registration date will be displayed. The most recent approval date will display for approved suppliers.


Selecting a supplier name will navigate the user to the supplier details.


Supplier Information

The Supplier Information section will display for all suppliers. The Business Classification, Commodities, Company Type and Supplier Address sections will display if enabled in the Registration Form. Any custom sections configured and enabled in the Registration Form tab will display as well.

Under More Actions, the Back to Search Results link can be used to return to the list of search results.


If a user has Supplier Management – Add/Edit access, certain fields in Supplier Information and Supplier Addresses will be editable. If a user does not have this privilege, these sections cannot be edited. Fields in other sections, as well as supplier-provided addresses, cannot be modified by any users.

Below is an explanation of the possible Status values:

  • Approved: Supplier’s response has been approved.
  • Inactive: Supplier has the Deactivate Supplier setting checked.
  • Invited: Supplier has been invited to respond. Supplier has not submitted a response.
  • Not Registered: Supplier has not been invited to register with the customer.
  • Pending Approval: Supplier has submitted a response for approval, or the supplier was previously approved and has submitted changes for approval.
  • Rejected: Supplier’s response was rejected by an approver.

The Active For Procurement setting indicates whether the supplier is available on the Shop page in the Non-Catalog Items link, as well as for optional features such as Purchase Agreement and Storeroom. This setting is checked automatically during final approval for new suppliers.

The Enable Export Sync setting will only display when a GL/ERP integration exists. If checked, the supplier will be sent to the GL/ERP system after saving the supplier or if supplier details are modified. This setting is checked automatically during final approval for new suppliers.

The Deactivate Supplier setting will mark the supplier as Inactive. A deactivated supplier will not be available in the Non-Catalog Items link on the Shop page.

The Continue button will save changes.

NOTE: For new suppliers, a Supplier GL Code will be returned from the GL/ERP if Enable Export Sync is selected.


Supplier Addresses

The Supplier Addresses section will display any addresses submitted by approved suppliers, as well as any addresses users have added for the supplier.


Click the Add Address icon to create a new supplier address. A popup will display to specify the address details. Fields marked with a red asterisk are required.

  • Address ID: If integrated to a GL/ERP, this value will be populated by the third party system when the supplier is exported. Otherwise, a value will default when the address is saved.
  • Address Type: Select one or more types to associate with the address.
    • Order From: Address used for purchasing (Shop > Non-Catalog Items).
    • Physical Address: Corporate address not used for billing or purchasing.
    • Remit To: Address used for billing purposes.
  • Address Line 1
  • Address Line 2
  • City
  • State
  • Province
  • Zip/Postal Code
  • Country
  • Currency will display as the default currency defined in Currency Settings. If multiple currencies are enabled, they will display in a dropdown.
  • Contact First Name
  • Contact Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email is an optional field, but it will become required if the supplier will be invited. This validation is enforced during the invitation process.
  • PO Email will display if the Order From Address Type is selected. If a PO Email is added, the PO verification email will be sent after the address is saved. The Status field will indicate the status of the supplier’s verification: Unavailable, Verified (supplier has accepted) or Unverified (supplier has declined.)
  • Default Order From indicates the address should be identified in Shop searches as the default for ordering. This can be selected if the address is marked as an Order From type.
  • Default Physical Address indicates the address is the default physical address for the supplier. This can be selected if the address is marked as a Physical Address.
  • Default Remit To indicates the address is the default remittance address for the supplier. This can be selected if the address is marked as a Remit To address.



Select the Add button to save the address or Cancel to discard changes.


NOTE: If integrated to Banner Ethos, only one Address Type may be selected for an address.


Custom Sections / Common Sections

If the supplier has submitted a response to the form and has been approved, the custom form sections as well as common sections (Business Classification, Commodities, Company Type) will display the information entered by the supplier.


View Workflow Details

The approvers associated with each section in the Registration Form tab will display in View Workflow Details if the supplier is not registered or invited. If a supplier has submitted a response, View Workflow Details will display the status of approvals.


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