System Administrator: Supplier Management

Edit Entity Settings

System administrators can modify settings related to Supplier Management functionality in Edit Entity Settings. This screen is accessed from the Admin menu.

If the Purchase and/or Sourcing solutions are enabled, all the settings on the left will match the existing settings in those areas. Changes made here will also impact Purchase / Sourcing. Information on the existing fields can be found in the ESM Purchase System Administrator Reference Guide or the ESM Sourcing Edit Entity Settings (System Administrator) guide.

Registration Form Visibility determines whether the custom registration form is visible to any registered supplier, or if the supplier must be invited first.

  • Invitation Only: A supplier must be invited by a Supplier Management user to see and respond to the custom registration form.
  • Open Invitation: Any supplier registered in the ESM network can see and respond to the custom registration form.

If Supplier Unique ID is enabled, additional fields will display to allow the administrator to set up a counter to default the field for new suppliers.

  • Supplier Unique ID Prefix: The ID Prefix can be utilized to append alpha or alphanumeric characters to the left of the Supplier Unique ID.
  • Starting Supplier Unique ID: This field can be used to establish a counter for the Supplier Unique ID.
    • For example, if the Starting Supplier Unique ID is set to 1000 and the Supplier Unique ID Prefix is FY20-, the next supplier created will default with a Supplier Unique ID value of FY20-1000, and the next subsequent supplier will default to FY20-1001.

Both fields are optional. If they are left blank, a Supplier Unique ID will need to be entered manually.



Add/Edit Users

System administrators can modify user privileges related to Supplier Management functionality in Add/Edit Users. Users can be configured with access to suppliers, approval processes and the custom registration form.

The top section of the screen will display fields that are consistent across all solutions enabled for the customer:

  • Email ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone
  • Email Alerts
  • Time Zone
  • Language
  • Solutions

The bottom of the screen will display fields specific to Supplier Management.





  • Approve indicates the user is eligible to be assigned as an approver to one or more registration form sections. A separate Approve tab will display in the Supplier Management solution for the user.
  • Supplier Registration Form allows the user to view and modify the custom registration form fields and sections used by suppliers when registering with the customer.
  • Supplier Management – View is the default setting enabled for users with access to the Supplier Management solution. This setting is associated with the Supplier Management tab, where users can search and view supplier information.
  • Supplier Management – Add/Edit allows a user to create, invite and modify suppliers in the Supplier Management tab. Because the Supplier Management tab is used in place of the Add/Edit Supplier screen for Purchase customers, any Purchase user with Purchase Admin enabled will have Supplier Management – Add/Edit enabled by default.
    • The Supplier Management – View permission must be enabled in order to select Supplier Management – Add/Edit.
  • View SSN controls whether a user with access to the Approve or Supplier Management tabs can view social security number data for suppliers who register with a Company Type of Individual/Sole Proprietor.
    • If checked: the SSN field will display the value with asterisks, and a Show link will also be displayed. Selecting the Show link will expose the SSN value.
    • If unchecked: the Show link will not be visible. The SSN field will display the value with asterisks.

Menu Options

  • Admin provides the user with access to the Add/Edit User and Edit Entity Settings menus.

The Deactivate User checkbox can be selected if the user should no longer have system access. Selecting this option will prevent the user from logging in to any ESM Solutions application.


Cross Reference Values

If the Cross Reference Values screen is enabled, system administrators can add custom business classifications that will be visible with Supplier Management when a supplier responds to a customer’s form. This functionality can be used to add state or local classification values, for example.

Navigation: ESM Purchase > Admin > Import Management > Cross Reference Values:


In the ESM Field dropdown, select Business Classification. After selecting this, a link will display to add a new value.


Select the link to open a popup.


  • ESM Value reflects the name of the classification. This value will be visible to suppliers. This is a required field.
  • GL/ERP Reference Value reflects the name of the classification in the third-party GL/ERP System.

Click Update to save changes or Cancel to discard changes.


Supplier Response

When a supplier responds to a customer form, customer-defined classifications will be displayed in a separate dropdown in the Business Classification section.


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