Storeroom Replenishment

When item inventory reaches a designated threshold set by the Storeroom Manager, i.e. Reorder Points, the item will be available to reorder inventory through replenishment orders from the designated suppliers. Replenishment orders will follow standard Purchase Order procedures based on your purchasing/business process. When items are received into inventory under the Receive tab, inventory will automatically be updated by the amount received and reflected in the item’s on-hand quantity. Once received into inventory, items are immediately available for fulfillment.



Storeroom Managers with the Replenish privilege can create replenishment orders. Items that have reached their reorder point will be listed with an Add To Cart option.

The suggested Reorder Quantity will be noted based on the Reorder Quantity listed in the Item Maintenance sub-menu. The Storeroom Manager enters the Reorder Quantity if different from the default set for that item and selects Add To Cart to create the order.


The Qty To Replenish will automatically be converted based on the supplier’s unit of measure. Quantities will only allow whole number amounts. Partial quantities based on the supplier’s conversion cannot be ordered (i.e. A half case cannot be ordered).


If the item is associated with more than one supplier, the Storeroom Manager must click on Select Supplier before adding items to the cart.



A green confirmation message will appear on the screen, and the cart value will be updated. Select Cart to submit the order following your standard business process for approval and purchase order release.


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