L. Single Sign On (SSO) login issues


When ESM customers have an issue logging into the platform and have Single Sign On (SSO) enabled, there a few troubleshooting steps to follow:

1) Contact your ESM System Administrator(s) and/or network administrator(s) to determine if the SSO integration and network authentication system is working properly.

2) ESM System Administrator needs to confirm the user data (Email ID, GL User Name or Unique ID) in the ESM platform matches your SSO/network authentication system.

**System Administrator needs to verify the user's account is active within ESM.




3) If no issues are found with the your SSO integration and network authentication system, the ESM system administrator should contact ESM Support.  ESM Support will determine if your SSO integration is enabled within the ESM platform.

4) If the user data (Email ID, GL User Name or Unique ID) setup for the affected user(s) profile in the ESM system matches the customer’s network authentication system, the customer’s ESM System Administrator and network administrator(s) should meet with ESM Support to investigate further.





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