ESM Contract™ Repository for System Administrators

Once the Contract Repository functionality has been enabled in your entity, there are few steps the ESM System Administrator will need to follow in order to grant access to users.

This guide is also available for download at the bottom.


This guide takes you step by step on what to do to assign the new contracts feature to your end users.

  • Set the Contract Number Prefix and the Starting Number Contract.
    • Go to Admin > Select Function > General Settings > Edit Entity Settings

Tip: These fields are not required. However, if a starting contract number is not specified the user will need to enter a contract number each time a contract is created.


  • Determine the Contract Types
    • Select Function > General Settings > Contract Type
    • To create a new contract type, type the name in the field, click update.
    • Fields are modifiable and can change the sort order with a drag and drop action.


  • Enable Contract Repository privileges on the user’s profile:
    • Select Function > add/edit user – Search for the user’s name > Click Go


  • Create a new user group for the Contract Repository users:
    • Select Function > User Group Management > Add/Edit User Group
    • To create a new user group, type the name in the field, click Go and then select Add New.

Tip:  Contract visibility can be limited by group since there is one group associated with each contract. Consider creating many groups as needed for different roles or types of contracts.


  • Assign users with the Contract Repository privileges to the newly created user group
    • Select Function > User Group Management > User Group Assignment
    • Select the user group from the drop down and assign the users.


  • Assign User Group Permissions to the Contract Repository user group
    • Select Function > User Group Management > User Group Permissions
    • Select the User Group from the drop down
    • Assign access to users to be able to create/edit only their contracts or to create/edit all contracts for users in their group.


  • Create a Workflow for Contracts.
    • Select Function > Workflow Settings > Contract Management > Add/Edit Workflow
    • Contract Management workflows allow you to select a user or a user group to be the approver.
      • Only users who are marked as Contract Approvers can be added
      • If selecting a User Group, then all of the contract approve users in the group are treated as an 'OR'.



When all the above has been completed, the user will see a Contracts Tab when logging in:





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