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Adobe Sign integrates with ESM to provide e-signature solutions for contract and document management customers. An Adobe Sign account can be added to a knowledgebase, which enables sending documents in the form of Agreements/Envelopes where they can be signed by the recipients and sender through Adobe Sign, with the agreement and sending status updated automatically in the KB. For more information on Adobe Sign pricing and user management, see E-signing Integrations.

This topic describes the setup process for an administrator to get Adobe Sign integrated into a knowledgebase. To use Adobe Sign for contract management and other e-signing requirements, see Manage Documents with Adobe Sign.

For more information on the tables and and fields used in this integration, see Adobe Sign Tables and Setup for the Standard system, or Adobe Sign Tables and Setup for the ITIL system.

  • Adobe Sign uses the term 'Agreement', which is synonymous with 'Envelope'. Adobe Sign documents are sent in the form of Envelopes, which can be purchased individually through the ESM knowledgebase.
  • There is a size limit of 100 MB per envelope - if the total file size of the envelope exceeds that, it will simply fail on sending.

Integrate Adobe Sign with a KB

  1. To configure Adobe Sign in a KB, navigate to Setup > Integration > Adobe Sign and press Configure.
    Note: If the button is labeled Deploy...
    1. Press it to begin integrating the KB with Adobe Sign.
    2. A message will confirm that tables, fields, rules and a group will be added that support Adobe Sign integration.
    3. Press OK to add all the necessary configuration elements.
  2. The Adobe Sign Extension tab opens with a default Adobe Sign Provider URL.
  3. Select an email field from the People table that is used to identify the sender.
  4. Select Register a New Account.
  5. The Account screen opens.


Create an Adobe Sign Account

Note: Adobe Sign developer or trial accounts can be created for testing purposes before moving to a production account, which can be used to purchase envelopes without watermarks in the production e-signing system. For testing in development, you should register a separate account from the main one you intend to use in production. For more information, see User Accounts in Adobe Sign Integration.

  1. Select whether the account is Development for testing or Production for a live environment. Note that documents produced in a Development account have watermarks. For a Production account you will be purchasing envelopes through ESM, so you must enter the amount of envelopes remaining before being notified.
  2. Select whether you already have an Adobe Sign account or you want to create a new account. If you already have an account, you can simply enter the account details in the fields below, and in a later step grant ESM access to your account.

Your Adobe Sign account email address must be unique to the current knowledgebase due to uniqueness requirements in licensing. If you enter an email address already in use in another knowledgebase, you will receive an error message and be unable to integrate your account. It is best to use an admin or system account for this address rather than an end user account.

  1. If you select "I want to create a new Adobe Sign account", an additional field will open to add the account password.
  2. Enter an email address for ESM notifications. If you enter a number in the Notify When Number of Available Envelopes is Less Than field, you will be notified via email when that condition is met.
    1. We recommend using an admin account for this address, and it may be the same as your Adobe Sign account email address.
  3. Accept the Adobe Sign terms and conditions and click Save, then click Proceed with Account Setup.

Finish the Account Setup

  1. In the Adobe Sign Extension tab, enter the knowledgebase server URL, then click Grant Access to Adobe Sign Connect. This will open the Adobe Sign single-sign on page where you can login and grant access to the knowledgebase.
    Note: For security, you can also enter the IPv4 server address. This will filter all requests and reject them if they don't originate from the IPv4 address. For example, if the server address changes and a request is sent to sign a document or grant access to Adobe Sign Connect, the request will be rejected. Any potential fake or unwanted requests will also be rejected.
  2. In the Sign In pop-up, enter the credentials for your existing account or the account you created in step 5.


    1. If you had to create an Adobe Sign account you will receive an email asking you to verify the integration. Find the email from Adobe Sign and select the link to activate your account. Note: If you had an existing Adobe Sign account you can skip these steps.
    2. Navigate back to your ESMKB and select Grant Access to Adobe Sign Connect and enter your Adobe Sign Credentials again.
    3. Select Allow Access.                                                                    mceclip2.png
    4. Once the connection has been successfully established, return to the knowledgebase and click Grant Access again. Access Granted will now show Yes and you can add further users and table actions.
    5. See below for more information on setting up envelopes in a production system: Manage Agreements/Envelopes.

Adobe Sign Account Web Settings

Some configuration in the Adobe Sign web interface is required once the account is created.

Enable Message and Send Settings

Once you have an Adobe Sign account, log in at and confirm the following settings are enabled:

  1. In the Adobe Sign Account menu, select Account > Account Settings > Send Settings.
  2. Under Private Messages to Recipients, select 'Allow senders to include a private message to each of the recipients.                                                                                 mceclip5.png
  3. Under Signing Order, select 'Recipients will sign in any order,' 'Allow senders to select signing order' and 'Allow senders to specify hybrid routing order.'
  4. Save.

Add Senders

Any users who will send envelopes from within ESM must be added to the Adobe Sign account as senders. To do so:

  1. In the Adobe Sign web account, go to Account > Users.
  2. Click the + icon to add a new user. Fill out the form and save. Note that distribution group emails can't be used.
  3. The user must verify their account by responding to the Adobe confirmation email before they can send envelopes.

If you want to allow multiple ESM users to send envelopes as a single Adobe Sign user, see Multiple Accounts for Senders.


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