DNS Upgrade - Saturday 27th May 2023

On Saturday 27th May at 8:00am EST we’re performing an infrastructure upgrade to one of the cloud services in ESM Platform. We anticipate this upgrade may take up-to 26 hours to perform.

What is ESM changing and why?

ESM is upgrading one of our cloud services from Dyn Enterprise DNS to Microsoft Azure DNS. To help protect users against online threats, DNS Filtering is an important part of our web security solutions, allowing us to screen domains or IP addresses that may be harmful.

When is the service impact period?

Saturday 27th May at 8:00am EST to Sunday 28th May at 10:00am EST. The impacted period is up-to 26 hours to allow for the transfer to take place, for the new Microsoft Azure service to be initiated and to allow ESM to ensure that all applications and services are running correctly. ESM services will not be accessible during the outage period. ESM Platform powers the ESM applications that your institution relies on to help support better spend management. To ensure uptime we are performing this upgrade during this long weekend. We will do our best to ensure the service is available as fast as possible. All operations around ESM Platform will resume immediately after the maintenance window. 

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