Scheduling an advanced report

This article will walk you through the steps to schedule any created advanced report to be run.

Right click on the express report you wish to schedule, selecting the Schedule Report option:

Schedule Report option

The scheduler wizard screen will load:

Scheduler wizard screen

Give the schedule a name:

Schedule name

Select the export type, and if neccessary apply a password:

Export type and password settings

Specify the schedule time, this is the time of day the report will run:

Schedule time setting

The next setting to apply is the recurrence pattern, once you have selected an option from the left-hand side the sub-options on the right that appear will change accordingly:

Recurrence Pattern settings

Lastly set the recurrence range parameters, set either between date ranges or a set number of recurrences:

Range of recurrence settings

Once all recurrence parameters click the Next button from the bottom-right hand corner of the screen:

Next button

This will then take you to the Filter screen:

Filters screen

Filters already applied to the report will display by default. Filters that would normally prompt for values would need to have values specified.

Once all appropriate filters have been set click the Next button from the bottom-right hand corner of the screen:


Next button

You will then be taken to the Recipients screen:

Recipients screen

Begin by entering the required email address' of recipients into either the To, Cc or Bcc fields:

Email fields

Enter a subject lin for your email, if this is left blank the name of your report will be used:

Subject line

Finally enter any suitable text you want to appear in the email in the body box:

Email body

Click the Finish button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to complete the scheduling setup:

Finish button

Below is an example of a scheduled report email:

Example email

NOTE: If a report is changed after a schedule is created (such as adding or removing columns or changing a filter), the changes will not be reflected in the scheduled report at this time. ESM recommends deleting the current schedule and creating a new one if the report is changed.

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