Enabling theReporter


There is a two-stage process to enable theReporter tool in your ESM instance.

  1. Within the main menu check to see if Reporting is an available option.
  2. If you cannot see Reporting in your main menu you will need to contact the ESM Support team for enablement.

Once Support has completed their actions and confirmed this to you, enabling and accessing the Reporter tool can be completed.


Enabling theReporter

Once confirmed, go ahead and enable theReporter.

Click on the Main Menu and select Admin from the options presented:

Admin option in Main Menu

From the Admin screen, within the drop-down navigate to General Settings>Add/Edit Users:

General Settings>Add/Edit Users

Then in the search bar conduct a search for the user who is going to be granted Reporter access and click the Go button:

Search for a user

Select the appropriate user from the search results and their profile loads, within the appropriate product menu ensure that Reporting option is ticked where needed:

Reporting enabled

Click the Update button found on the right-hand side of the screen to save your changes:




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