February 2022

Release Notes

Production Release: March 12, 2022


ESM Source Enhancements

New Posting Board Enhancements

As we continue working hard to enhance the new posting board, we are excited to announce three new features to improve the supplier experience for your events.


View Event In the Portal

Logged-in users can navigate directly from Event Details page on the new posting board to the event page in their supplier portal with just one click. The suppliers can quickly find the event they are interested in within their portal and perform the actions needed.


New Posting Board—Event Details—View Event in the Portal


For Invitation-Only events that are published to the posting board, the invited supplier will see the View Event in the Portal button. If the supplier is not invited, the information message shown below will direct the supplier to contact the customer for an invitation to the event in order to see the it in the supplier portal.

New Posting Board—Event Details—Invitation-Only Event Message


Event Q&As

Authorized (logged-in) suppliers can also directly see the Event Q&As on the New Posting Board. The information on Event Q&A tab of the new posting board is synchronized with the Event Q&A within the event. A red dot will be displayed next to the supplier name to indicate a newly posted question in both the event view from the Portal and Posting Board.


New Posting Board—Event Details—Event Q&A Tab—Authorized Supplier User View



New Posting Board—Event Details—Event Q&A Tab—Authorized Customer User View



New Posting Board—Event Details—Event Q&A Tab—No Q&A Posted



New Posting Board—Event Details—Event Q&A Tab—Unauthorized User View



Supplier Portal – View Posting Board

Suppliers can view all their customers’ posting boards in their portal. In Supplier Portal > Profile > Customer List, a new column titled “New Posting Board” is available. Suppliers can navigate quickly to the customers’ new posting boards by clicking the link.

Supplier Portal—Profile Tab—Customer List —View Posting Board



Supplier Portal—Profile Tab—Customer List —New Posting Board Not Available



Duplicated Event ID Fix

For customers who use system-generated Event IDs, which is set up in Source Admin > General Settings > Edit Entity Settings, the same Event ID is generating when multiple users create events at the same time. The first user who saves changes will be assigned the Event ID, and the system will update the Event ID to the next available Event ID in the series to prevent the manual correction for the next saved event.

Source Admin—General Settings — Edit Entity Settings

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