November 2021


ESM Source Enhancements

Training: November 8, 2021

Production: November 19, 2021


New Section Type: Files

A designated section type to allow event facilitators to specify what documents and files are required from suppliers for an event is available in ESM Source. With the File sections, event facilitators can provide detailed descriptions and instructions about the files and documents needed from suppliers in a centralized place. Suppliers will be able to easily identify if they have attached all the required files and documents in their responses.



ESM Source > Manage > New Event > Adding a New File Section



ESM Source > Manage Tab > New Event > Required Document Section (File Section) > Setting Up a Document Upload Slot



ESM Source > Manage Tab > New Event > Required Document Section (File Section) > Setting Up a Document Upload Slot


Users can set up as many upload slots as required and give a detailed description for each slot.


ESM Source > Manage Tab > New Event > Required Document Section (File Section)


Users can also assign section values to the file section(s).


ESM Source > Manage Tab > New Event > Assign Section Values > Required Documents (File Section)




ESM Source > Manage Tab > Published Event > Required Documents (File Section) in Read-Only Mode


Suppliers can upload the corresponding documents and files in the File Section(s).


ESM Supplier Portal > Responding an Event > Required Documents (File Section)




ESM Supplier Portal > Responding an Event > Required Documents (File Section) > Select Files


Once suppliers select the files they would like to submit as part of their responses, they click the Update button to upload. The files that are successfully attached will have a green checkmark in front of the file name.


ESM Supplier Portal > Responding an Event > Required Documents (File Section) > Files Uploaded




ESM Supplier Portal > Response Submitted > Required Documents (File Section) in Read-Only Mode


Before evaluation starts, Evaluate Set Up Users can assign reviewers and configure Supplier Visibility to the File section like all other section types.


ESM Source > Evaluate Tab > Setup > Assign Reviewers


Users can also use the Addendum to make changes to the File section(s).


ESM Source > Manage Tab > Create Addendum




ESM Source > Manage Tab > Addendum History


Once the event is closed for responses (ie. pass the due date), assigned reviewer(s) can download and review suppliers’ uploaded files and documents in the File section(s).


ESM Source > Evaluate Tab > Review




ESM Source > Evaluate Tab > Scoring


Award Tab and Approve Tab users can also view File section(s) of an event in Read-Only mode.


ESM Source > Award Tab > Required Documents (File Section)


Extended Previous Unit Price Column


An extended column is available for the Line Item Bid sections for the Previous Unit Price column. This is a calculated column that shows the previous total cost of an item in a line item bid table by multiplying Quantity and Previous Unit Price.



ESM Source > Manage Tab > Create New Event > Line Item Bid Section


The Requirement page under the Mange Tab, Approve Tab, and the Request Tab have also been updated with the new extended column.


ESM Source > Request Tab




ESM Source > Approve Tab




ESM Source > Manage Tab > Requirements


Advanced Search Improvements


We renamed ‘Event Not Awarded’ to ‘No Award’ in the Status dropdown menu of the Advance Search to keep consistency with the status label used elsewhere in the ESM Source application.



ESM Source > Manage Tab > Existing > Advance Search

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