October 2021


Release Notes

Production Release: October 9, 2021


ESM Purchase Enhancements


Product Search Indexing Technology Updated


In the Q3 release, we have updated the version of Solr used to provide search results in the product search on the Shop Page. This update prepares us for work in our Q4 release during which we will enhance the search results so that more relevant matches are found at the top of the page.

There are a couple of known issues in the Q3 release as a result of this update.

First, entering the following special characters into the search bar when performing a term search may result in an error: " : { } [ ] ( ) ^ ~ Please avoid using these characters in your product search.  We will resolve this issue in a maintenance release.

The second difference is that your products may appear in a slightly different order.  This will be enhanced in the Q4 release where we will use the concepts of boosting to provide a better score and relevance rank for search results.


ESM Supplier Enhancements


Supplier Portal—Business Classifications

Sourcing suppliers who are registering with ESM and responding to customer registrations through the supplier management tool can specify additional diversity classification types. In the Supplier Portal under Business Classifications, we have added a new dropdown option called “Classification Type.” The Dropdown will have “US Federal Diversity” as first option along with list of all US states.

Supplier Portal—Business Classifications—Classification Type


Supplier Portal—Business Classifications—Classification Name


Suppler Portal— Company Information

Suppliers are able to edit their addresses if changes are required since they registered with ESM. On the Company Information page, the system will display “edit” link next to each address. By selecting the edit option, the address will be available to modify details and save changes.

Supplier Portal—Company Information—Edit Addresses


Please contact Customer Support if you would like additional information at support@esmsolutions.com or 877-969-7246

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