October 2020

Release Notes – October 2020

Release Date: October 3, 2020

Purchase Enhancements


Add/Edit Supplier – Active For Procurement

A new setting has been added to the Add/Edit Supplier screen to allow you to indicate whether a supplier will be available for order creation. The Active For Procurement setting works in conjunction with the Deactivate Supplier setting to determine whether a supplier is available on the Shop page, either as a catalog or non-catalog supplier. If the supplier is active and Active For Procurement is unchecked, the supplier will not be accessible for shopping purposes. If the supplier is active and Active For Procurement is checked, the supplier can be used for shopping purposes.
For customers who have Contract Repository enabled, a supplier who is not marked as Active For Procurement will still be available to create contracts. This setting allows Contract Repository customers to create contract suppliers who should not be available in the Non-Catalog Item search for creating orders.
The Active For Procurement setting will default to checked for existing suppliers as well as newly created suppliers. Any supplier records that are marked Deactivated will remain unavailable for shopping purposes.


Add/Edit Supplier-Active for Procurement


Reporting Enhancements

Version Upgrade

The reporting tool upgrade contains the below features:
  • Re-design of Dashboard Designer functionality
  • Dashboard visualizations are now based on Advanced Reports instead of ExpressView. This means that the flexible sorting, filtering, formulas and aggregation offered by the Advanced Report Designer are now available to Dashboard Visualizations.
  • New color picker throughout reporting application
  • New toolbar


New Sourcing Data Model: Bid Line Item Details

In the Sourcing Manage folder, a Bid Line Item Details model has been added. This data model will return results for line item bid entries as well as supplier responses for each line item if responses exist. For customers utilizing requirement bids, the model also has a field to indicate whether a line item was included within a sourcing event.


Bid Line Item Details 



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