May 2020

Release Notes – May 2020

Release Date: May 22, 2020

Purchase Enhancements

Private Addresses

In the Add/Edit Location screen, a Private Address checkbox has been added to allow administrators to identify those locations whose address details should not be visible in certain areas of the application. This enhancement will help address privacy issues stemming from increased home deliveries.
If a location is marked as a Private Address, the address details will not be visible on the transaction in the Delivery Details/Billing Details sections or within transaction location searches unless the user has the View Private Address privilege in Add/Edit User. (Users with the Admin privilege will have the View Private Locations option enabled by default.) The address details for a Private Address would be replaced with the text “Private Address.” The Purchase Order will still show the address so that the supplier can fill the order.
Enabling this setting for an existing location will update previous and in progress transactions.
The Private Address setting has been added to the Location Import template, and the View Private Address setting has been added to the User Import template.


Add/Edit Location - Private Address


Add/Edit User - View Private Address



Checkout - Address search for user who cannot view private address details

If you have any questions, please contact ESM Support at or 877-969-7246 ext. 3

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