April 2020

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Purchase Enhancements


ESM Contract Repository

ESM Contract Repository is a lightweight contract feature supporting the ability to create contracts, route for approval, track purchase order spend, and provide expiration date and spend-based notifications. It also supports separating contract visibility as well as create and edit privileges based on user group assignments.
Please contact Customer Support for additional information or to enable this feature.
Contract Creation-Marked as Signed 
Referencing Contract on Transaction

Receive – Allow Group Receipts

In Edit Entity Settings, a new setting has been added to support group receipts. The Allow Group Receipts setting will default to No. When set to Yes, the Update button will display at the bottom of the screen instead of within each line item, allowing the user to save multiple receipts at once.
For Banner Ethos and Colleague Ethos, this configuration can also support sending a single transaction document spanning multiple item receipts instead of an individual document for each item. Please contact Customer Support if you would like additional information.
Edit Entity Settings - Allow Group Receipts

Receive Tab- Update Button

Approval Notification Email – Navigate to Transaction / Mobile View

The approval notification email will show transaction summary detail, as well as a “Review and Approve” link. If this link is selected from a desktop or laptop, the user will be navigated directly to the transaction after the user login is authenticated. If this link is accessed from a mobile device, the user will be navigated to a mobile-friendly view of the transaction in a read-only state, where the transaction can be approved or rejected. Each section of the transaction can be expanded to view additional detail.

While major OS and browsers are supported, a comprehensive list will be available in the Help Desk.

Please contact Customer Support if you would like to enable this feature.
Approval Notification Email
  iPhone view - Transaction approval


Approve / Manage – Showing dropdown: Last 180 Days / Last 365 Days

The “All” option in the Showing dropdown has been replaced by options for Last 180 Days and Last 365 Days. These options, in conjunction with the Filter By, will restrict the transactions shown to those created within the last 180 or last 365 days. The Search option will continue to search all approvals, regardless of date.
 Approve Tab- Showing Dropdown Options
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