October 2019

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Purchase Enhancements – Coming Soon


The Storeroom functionality allows the ability to track internal inventory through a traditional warehouse lifecycle: fulfilling inventory to end users, replenishing on hand stock from suppliers, adjusting on hand stock as needed and transferring items between locations. The internal inventory can be stored as item master records, which will then be associated with Storeroom catalogs visible to the user community.

Purchase Agreement

A Purchase Agreement is similar to a Standing Order in that the agreement can encumber funds upfront. The Purchase Agreement can have one or more line items, utilizes existing workflow and change order functionality and will be validated in the Receive tab to ensure receipts are made within the agreement’s terms. Notifications based on the expiration date and total value will also be supported.
Please contact Customer Support if you require additional information regarding these features. Customers will be updated once the features are available.

Sourcing Enhancements

Line Item Bid – Access to Column Configurations

When a line item bid is in a read only state – such as while an event is active for supplier responses, or after the event’s due date has passed – the Column Configuration option will now display as a selection when a column heading is clicked. The configurations will not be editable.

Column Configuration menu option
Column Configuration menu option
Column Configuration Settings
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