June 2019

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Release Notes - June 2019

Purchase Enhancements

New User Interface – Support for Receive

The new user interface is now available for the Receive tab. The transaction view will look similar to the Checkout and Approve views, with information organized into different sections and the action buttons beneath the workflow details. Quantity and Value receipts can be entered in the Line Item Details section.
Please contact Customer Support if you would like additional information.
Receive tab - Default view
Receive tab - Default view

Receive - Line Item Details
Receive - Line Item Details

Add/Edit Supplier – Support for Tax Registration Number (TRN)

Entities who wish to store a supplier’s Tax Registration Number (TRN) can add this information in Add/Edit Supplier. The TRN can be added or modified through version 1-7 of the Non-Catalog Supplier import template, and it will also be visible in reporting.

Add/Edit Supplier - Supplier TRN
Add/Edit Supplier - Supplier TRN

Bids and Quotes

Supplier Portal - Support for Tax Registration Number (TRN)


Suppliers who register to respond to sourcing events can specify a Tax Registration Number (TRN) during registration if desired. This value can be modified by a supplier in Company Information.
Supplier Registration - Tax Registration Number
Supplier Registration - Tax Registration Number

Posting Board – Event Expiration Date

For entities who use the Posting Board, a Posting Board Expiration Date will display in the event header on the Manage tab. Once an event is published to the posting board, the expiration date will default based on the Posting Board Event Expiration Default in Edit Entity Settings. The date can be edited if necessary. Once the expiration date is reached, the event will be automatically removed from the Posting Board.

Posting Board Expiration
Posting Board Expiration
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