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Purchase Enhancements

Change Order - Approvals

In Add/Edit User, a Change Order user can be configured to Request Change. This configuration requires the user to submit change orders through the workflow process before the change order can be completed.
Add/Edit User
Add/Edit User - Request Change setting

Once the edits have been made, the workflows will be calculated based on the current transaction details. If the change order results in a workflow bypass, then the change order can be completed without approval. Otherwise, the Approve/Manage users (including delegates) will be notified via email when a change order is routed for their approval.

Workflow calculated
Workflow calculated for change order

Email Notification
Email notification for change order approval
In the Approve or Manage tab, a Change Order submenu will display along with a count of the number of active approvals. The list of transactions for Change Order approval will display similar to the existing display for transaction approval.

approve change order
Approve - Change Order submenu

list of approval transactions
List of Approval transactions - Change Order
Within the transaction, the approver can approve, reject, or forward (if Approval Forward is enabled.) Transaction edits are not permitted. Additional transaction details, such as location, account, or item information, can be viewed by printing the Checkout Details report. The Change Order Details will display in a separate section.
approve detail view
Approve Detail view - Change Order
Once all approvals are complete, the change order will be released to the supplier, if required, using the existing rules for transaction release (requester or approver.)


Change Order – Ability to add items

In Change Order Settings, an entity administrator can enable the ability to add items to a change order by selecting the Add Item checkbox.
change order settings
Change Order Settings - Add Item

If this setting is enabled, items can be added to an unsubmitted or rejected change order from the Shop tab using the steps below:
  1. Access the transaction and select the option to create a change order.
  2. Select the Shop tab.
  3. Select the supplier/catalog that corresponds to the transaction from Step 1 or select the Non-Catalog Items option and enter the same supplier from Step 1.
  4. Add all desired items to cart. If the transaction generated from a punchout that permits change orders, access the supplier website to select items.
  5. Click Checkout. A confirmation message will prompt you to update the change order. Select Yes.
  6. Return to the transaction. The newly added items will display beneath the existing items.
After the items are added, the user can continue with processing the change order.

before adding items
Change Order - Before adding items

confirmation message
Confirmation message

after adding items
Change Order - After adding items
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