IP Addresses for Whitelist

ESM will be migrating the core systems that support the Purchase and Sourcing applications, to the Azure public cloud platform.

As a result of the migration, ESM Purchase and Sourcing applications IP addresses will be changing.  All port information that you have previously configured for the current IP addresses will apply to the corresponding new IP addresses. In addition, all DNS host friendly names (fully qualified domain names) will remain the same and will be pointed to the new IPs during the upgrade.

The tables below list all public IPs in use by ESM applications.  Not all customers whitelist IP addresses.  Please share this information with your technical team as soon as possible to ensure accommodations can be made.


ESM Production Environment New IP Address
ESM Production Business Server
ESM Production Web Server
URL: eprocurement.esmsolutions.com

URL: reports.eprocurement.esmsolutions.com

General ESM Application


ESM Training Environment New IP Address
ESM Training Business Server
ESM Training Web Server
URL: training.esmsolutions.com
URL: reports.training.esmsolutions.com



New IP Address


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