Converting easySourcing™ Bid to ESM Purchase™ Hosted Catalog

This document provides a condensed overview of the process of converting easySourcing™ Bids to ESM Purchase™ Hosted Catalogs. It will demonstrate with short text descriptions supported by screen shots for each step explained.

Run Report ID 74

After the bid has been Awarded, run Report ID 74 to provide information for the new Hosted Catalog.

Transfer Line Item Information into Template

The customer can copy and paste fields from Report 74 into a new ESM PurchaseTM Hosted Catalog template. The new template can be found at the ESM Help Center ( Some fields may be required in the Hosted Catalog that were not required in the bid. When applicable, the customer can use N/A for empty required fields.

If the Bid is Awarded to multiple Suppliers, the customer needs to create a different Hosted Catalog for each Supplier. The UOM can be adjusted to reflect a better shopping experience, i.e. 5 – 10.0000 Count Containers = 50 Count Containers. The Contract Price/ List Price and the Item/Service/ Description can be the same data if needed.

Send Template(s) to ESM Support

After the Hosted Catalog template(s) are completed, the customer sends the CSV file(s) to ESM Support at ESM Support uploads the template for an overnight validation process. ESM Support will confirm when the Catalog is available in the user’s environment to add visibility.

New Suppliers

If the Supplier does not exist in ESM PurchaseTM, the customer needs to provide the Supplier’s information to ESM Support. The Supplier Information can be found by selecting the Supplier Name within the Awarded Bid. The customer also needs to provide the appropriate PO email for Electronic Release.

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