January 2024

We are excited to announce new product enhancements that will enrich your user experience, expand your integration capabilities, and empower you to more quickly locate and extract contract data. Below is an overview of these enhancements, each designed to power your productivity and realize greater contracting efficiencies.


Google Drive Integration: Push your Agiloft contracts into Google Drive and open them directly in Google Docs. Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders in real time.

Enhanced Modal Functionality: Edit fields in the table you’re in or any associated tables through pop-up modal windows that size to the widest field for easy viewing.

Updated UI Experience: All customers who did not already transition to our most recent UI experience will be automatically transitioned upon upgrade to Release 25.1. You may notice changes, such as a top- versus left-pane navigation bar, more easily-configurable table columns, and a convenient right-pane Quick Search. To learn more about what this UI experience entails, please visit this Agiloft Help page.


Sentence-Level Training: Identify legal concepts that exist in a single sentence or group of sentences when training a custom label in AI Trainer.

Additional Pre-Trained AI Labels: We’ve increased the number of “ready-made” pre-trained labels to quickly detect more key terms and clauses in your contracts.

EU Hosting Now Available: EU and UK countries can now confidently meet data residency requirements with our AI Platform hosted in Germany.

You can find more details in these links:

What’s New?
Release notes

To help prepare you for Release 25.1, please review the following FAQs:

What is the upgrade process for this release?

Unless you submit a Support ticket at least two business days in advance of your scheduled upgrade to opt out or reschedule, we will upgrade your hosted KB over the weekend of Friday, January 12. During this maintenance window, your KB will be offline.

Which Agiloft versions are supported?

We provide customer support for the most recent release of Agiloft software, which is Release 25.1. Agiloft will also provide customer support for Release 25 until March 10, 2024.

Updated Sub-Processor List

As you may have seen in the Agiloft latest press release, as part of Agiloft's next product release they are launching a generative AI (GenAI) powered redlining capability. In light of this, Agiloft have updated their sub-processor list and encourage customers who have subscribed or who will be subscribing to our editions or add-on modules that include this new capability to review the updated list and their DPA (if applicable).

No other action is required of you because of these changes. If you have any questions, please contact legal@agiloft.com.

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