easySourcing™ Walk-in Vendor Response Reference Guide

This document provides a condensed overview of the Walk-in Vendor Response process.  It will demonstrate with short text descriptions supported by screen shots for each step explained.



  1. Activating Walk-in Functionality for the User (System Administrator)
  2. Creating a New Walk-in Vendor (System Administrator)
  3. Creating a New Walk-in Response
  4. Frequently Asked Questions


Activating Walk-in Functionality for the User (System Administrator)

  1. Login as an ESM ADMIN and select the Settings on the right-hand corner.

2. Click on the User Settings Tab and select the Modify sub-tab.

3. Search for the user from whom you want to activate the Walk-in Response functionality.

Select the user from the Search Results using the radio button and clicking the Select button.

4. Under the Modify User Detail settings, check all the required options for Walk-in Response and select Update to save changes.

Now you have successfully enabled the Walk-In Response for the user.


Creating a New Walk-in Vendor (System Administrator)

  1. Login to the Mercury Commerce System with your login credentials. Choose easyBid Line Item, easyBid Discount Bid, easyquote, or easyProject.

2. On the next page select Settings.

3. Select the Walk-in Vendor tab and click on the New Vendor button.

4. Enter the Vendor Details and select the Add button.

5. Once you have added the vendor successfully, the title of the pop-up window changes to “Edit Vendor”.

You can close the pop-up window or update any modifications that you wish to make to the vendor details.

6. After closing the pop-up window, you will be taken to the Walk-in vendor search page.

7. Key-in the vendor that you would like to search and click the GO button

8. Select easybid line item option in order to exit the system settings setup.



Creating a New Walk-in Response

  1. Select the bid from within the Award tab.

  • Note 1: The Walk-in response link will appear only when you open responses for a particular Bid/Quote/Discount/Project.
  • Note 2: This facility is available only for a JPE user who is impersonating a vendor. In short - Walk-in response functionality will be available only after opening responses from within the Award tab.
  • Note 3: You will not find this option on a regular vendor login.

2. Click Open Responses

3. From within the Actions Link box, click the “Create Walk-In Response” Link

4. You will now be navigated to the Walk-In Vendor search page.

Search for the Walk-in vendor. Choose the appropriate Walk-in vendor from the Search Results and click Create.

5. You will be navigated to the Response Details screen, where you can respond to each of the items on behalf of the vendor. After entering the responses for the bid, select the Response Submit link from within the Links section.

6. You will be navigated to the Response Submit page, where you can review your responses and click on the checkboxes under the Response Information Area to agree to the Terms and Conditions. Then click Submit.

7. You will now be navigated to a page that displays the confirmation message for the response that you submitted on behalf of the vendor. Click Continue.

8. The Walk-in Vendor Search page will display the Walk-in vendor for whom you created a response.



Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Walk-in Response?

       When a vendor submits a paper response or simply a NON-electronic response, then the Buyer/JPE will impersonate the vendor by entering the vendor’s response into our application.


  1. Where is this option available?

       This option is available on the JPE/Buyers Login.  It is not available on the vendors’ response side since it is a Walk-in functionality.


  1. When does this option become available?

       It is available after opening the bid/discount/quote/project responses.


  1. What happens when the impersonating vendor fails to enter a response for a particular item?

       Walk-in response features enable the impersonating user to append information to the existing response.  


Note: The impersonating vendor can only append information to the line items that haven't been responded earlier.  Anything that is appended is considered to be a new response that will be resubmitted.

-The response can be modified in the Create menu after the import.

-Use the Submit menu to send your completed response to the entity.

Please select the link below to access the PDF.

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