easyPurchase™ Account Based Workflow Reference Guide

This document provides a condensed overview of the Account Based Workflow Process. It will demonstrate with short text descriptions supported by screen shots for each step explained.


Table of Contents

  1. How To Setup a New Route
  2. Modify User Settings for User of Account Based Workflows
  3. Account Based Routes in Use
  4. Pre-Encumberance
  5. Reports


How to Setup a New Route

Account Based Workflows provide an option for dynamic workflows that will allow the entity to associate accounts with workflow routes so that requisitions can be routed accordingly.

In easyPurchaseTM, under the System Setting/Workflow, select “Create Account Based Route” under the Routes section of the screen and click Submit. Complete the following information:

  • Route Description
  • Automatic Approval Level
  • Add Approval ID
  • Active Yes/No

Next, use the Account Code Assignment search field to search for the desired account code. Enter the account number, then click “Go”.

A list of available accounts will display. Use the Assign and Unassign arrows in the center of the screen to assign the desired account number of the workflow route. Multiple accounts can be associated with a route.

The “Return Items To” option will default to the Original Requester. This information may not be modified.
Click the Update or Submit button to complete the assignment. 



Modify User Settings for User of Account Based Workflows

Unlike typical workflow routes in ESM Solutions© , the account based route is not assigned to a specific user. In order to allow a user to utilize account based routes, a Sys Admin will enable this access under the users tab as displayed below. Simply select the checkbox to the right of the Account Based Route option.



Account Based Routes in Use

When creating a Requisition and account based routing is enabled, Account Based Route will be the default option for approval routes. If the user has other routes assigned to them, they can simply select the appropriate option from the drop down.


If the account code selected for a requisition is not associated with an account based workflow, you will see the error below. The error message reads: No routes available for account code. Contact your system administrator or select another route. You will need to add that account to an account based workflow before submitting the requisition.

Please note: If Account Based Route is selected as the approval route, only one account may exist on a given requisition. It is not possible to use multiple accounts on the same requisition if using this option.

When using a PCard, the PCard is linked to an account. This would potentially change the approval route. Even though your environment may allow a change of PCard on approval, the Route Based Accounting functionality will be as follows:

  • If the requisition is associated with a standard route, the user will be allowed the ability to edit the PCard
  • If the requisition is associated with an auto route by account code, the user will not have the ability to edit the PCard

The user would need to reject the requisition back to the original requester. When the PCard is changed in the requisition/checkout screen, the approval route will be recalculated.


If accounts are modified on a requisition after pre-encumbrance, the approval route will be recalculated and returned to the original requester if the account is no longer valid.



The Workflow Route Detail Report #225 will list any account numbers associated with a route.


Please select the link below to view PDF version of easyPurchase™ Account Based Workflow Reference Guide .

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