easySourcing™ Supplier Management Reference Guide

This document provides a condensed overview of the supplier management.  It will demonstrate with short text descriptions supported by screen shots for each step explained.


Table of Contents

1. Registration

2. Resetting your Password

3. Subscription

4. Editing the Supplier Profile

5. Replacing an Existing User

6. Adding New Users to an Existing Account

7. Responding to Bids




Suppliers can register by going to https://www.esmsolutions.com/supplier-login/. Select the appropriate application and complete the profile. An email notification is sent to advise that Supplier Registrations are processed within 24 hours during business days. A secondary email notification arrives when the registration is active.

Suppliers can register for eSchoolMall and/or Mercury Commerce depending on the type of customer serviced.

  1. eSchoolmall: K-12 Schools
  2. Mercury: Higher Education, State and Local Governments, and Commercial entities

It is highly recommended to select the appropriate NIGP codes and classifications when completing the registration. The codes are used by buyers to locate new vendors, making the codes equivalent to keyword searches. The selection of one NIGP code is necessary to register and the selection can be edited under the Profile tab. NIGP codes are nationally recognized and can be searched for a complete list.


Resetting your Password

If suppliers cannot log into their accounts, they can reset their passwords at the log-in screen.

Select the Forgot Password link and follow the prompts. The User Name is the registered email address, which will be used for the notification when selecting Forgot Password. The supplier must know the answer to the security question to successfully reset the password. If the user does not know the answer to the security question or the account becomes locked, contact Customer Support.



An annual subscription fee may be required of a supplier to view and respond to a bid or quote. This is a one-time, annual fee and allows all buyers to access bids that would normally appear as locked, regardless of the customer. It is renewable on the anniversary date each year.

If "Locked" appears under the Response Action, the bid/quote requires a subscription. Suppliers can select Locked or the Subscription tab to pay the appropriate annual fee.

Select the Add to Cart and click Continue to enter a form of payment.

 If the supplier prefers to pay by check, s/he should contact ESM Solutions’ Finance Department.


Note: The most common error received ("We are unable to process your payment at this time, please try again later") is  usually a result of the address on file not matching the address on the Credit Card.


Editing the Supplier Profile

Suppliers can edit select information after the registration process under the Profile tab.

  1. Editing the Contact Profile

Information Users Can Edit:

The user can edit limited contact information, highlighted below.

If the Bid/Request Contact was already selected, users can check the Shared Mailbox to allow the bids/quotes to be transferred among multiple Bid Contacts within the account.

NOTE: the control of the bid/quote can only be worked on by one person at a time.


Information Support Needs To Edit:

If the User is looking to update any Vendor Corporate Info (Address, Vendor Name, etc.), please write an email to Support (support@esmsolutions.com) with the Company name currently on the vendor profile, any changes that are requested, and a W9 with the updated company information.


  1. Suppliers can add or delete the NIGP Classification codes.

To look up a code, enter in a description, search and select the appropriate codes. The codes are nationally recognized, therefore an internet search will yield a complete list.


3. Suppliers can add/edit the Diversity Classifications for their company.


Replacing an Existing User

If you wish to replace a previous user on the account, you will need to contact support at support@esmsolutions.com. A written request will be necessary containing the new user’s email, name, and phone number, and the email address of the existing contact that will be replaced.

After you receive confirmation from Support that the user has been updated, you can go to the appropriate login screen, enter your email address in the username field and click “Forgot Password?” as shown below to set your password for the account.


Adding New Users to an Existing Account

In order to add a new user to an existing account, register the user following the process above, with the same Vendor Corporate Info.

ESM Solutions will link the seller to the new user. If the user needs access to the bids, the user must be a Bid User /Contact and the shared mailbox must be checked.


Users can be assigned the following Supplier Functionality:

  1. Bid User/ Contact – able to participate in the Bid Response process
  2. Seller Contact- answers questions of buyer regarding Bids
  3. Bid PO Contact- receiver of Purchase Order information
  4. Fee Billing Contact- receiver of Fee Billing information


Responding to Bids

If you are looking to respond to a bid, you will need to reach out to the Customer directly as they are the only one who has the ability to issue bids. For further assistance, please see our Bid Item Reference Guide: https://support.esmsolutions.com/hc/en-us/articles/217699808-easySourcing-Bid-Line-Item-Supplier-Reference-Guide-


Please select the link below to access the PDF.

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