easyPurchase™ Approver Reference Guide

This document provides a condensed overview of the approval process.  It will demonstrate with short text descriptions supported by screen shots for each step explained.

Table of Contents

  1. Approval Tab Summary
  2. Email Notifications
  3. Approving a Requisition
  4. Rejecting a Requisition
  5. Pre-Encumbrance Status
  6. Delegation
  7. Reports


Approval Tab Summary

The Approval tab defaults on the Summary sub-tab. The approver can search for requisitions awaiting approval.

  1. Summary sub-tab: the only required field is “Number of Items to Display”
  2. Number of Items to Display: the number of requisitions awaiting approval to display defaults to 15
  3. Starting with Request Number: displays requisitions chosen
  4. Request Number: alternate search for one requisition
  5. View: search requisitions based on criteria above


Email Notifications

It’s recommended that the Approver logs in at least once a day.

  • The notification emails are sent from a ‘noreply' e-mail address. Depending on your e-mail client and spam settings, the message may be interpreted as junk mail. Please add 'noreply@eschoolmall.com' to the safe or approved sender list.
  • The user has to be enabled for e-mail notifications under User Preferences.

Check the Enable Email Notification check box, confirm email address and select Update.

  • If the user is logged into the system when the requisition is sent for approval and the notification cycle occurs, no email will be sent to the user. Email notifications are sent out every three hours. (12 AM, 3 AM, 6 AM, 9 AM, 12 noon, 3 PM, 6 PM, 9 PM)
  • If the user received an email notification previously and has not logged into the application since that email was received, future notifications will not be sent. The user must log in after an email is received to reset the notification flag in the database for that user. You can also reset the notification flag manually by unchecking the "Enable Email Notification,” selecting Update and re-enabling the notification.


Approving a Requisition

Search Results from the Summary tab can display either Summary Level or Detail Level for requisition approvals.

  1. View: Details-Level Approval (column A)
  2. Approve: Summary-Level Approval (column B); multiple requisitions can be selected
  3. Return: back to the Search Criteria screen
  4. Hold: default that does not take action on the requisition
  5. View Detail of All Requests: Checking and selecting View (1) allows the approver to perform Detail-Level approvals sequentially without returning to the Summary screen

The approver can review the requisition on the Authorize Request-Detail screen. To Approve, check the highlighted Approve check box and select Submit (7).

  1. Ship To Location: edit selection
  2. Approve: selecting the checkbox approves all of the line items and header details
  3. Update All Account #s (optional): enter a valid account number to replace all on the requisition.
  4. Fiscal Date: used for financial year that defaults to current date (may not be editable)
  5. Apply Price Discount % to All (optional): affects the price of all items in the Requisition with an additional discount.
  6. Header-level Notes: both Internal (Users) and External (Supplier) notes applied to the requisition
  7. Submit: Saves changes or confirms approval or rejection
  8. Override Price ($) (optional):replace the existing unit price
  9. Quantity: edit quantity
  10. Account # (optional): enter a valid account number(s) for the line item
  11. Item-Level Notes: view and make Internal (Users) and External (Supplier) notes and internal attachments relevant to the specific line item.

A message will appear confirming the approval or rejection.


Rejecting a Requisition

The approver can reject a requisition by selecting the View Detail.

To reject a requisition, a rejection reason must be entered.

  1. Reject checkbox: check to return to requestor for edits
  2. Header-level Rejection Reason: allows approver to explain the rejection for the requestor
  3. Line-level Rejection Reason: allows approver to provide details for the rejected item
  4. Notes: can be created for more explanation as needed
  5. Submit: confirm rejection checkbox.


Pre-Encumbrance Status

Users with General Ledger integrations can monitor Pre-encumbrance statuses indicated by Pending (success) and Maintenance Required (error). Select the Requisition to view the General Ledger error message.

The Status Column displays the General Ledger’s error message.

Users can:

  • Resubmit the requisition by checking Retry All
  • Bypass Integration to approve the transaction without validating inside the General Ledger
  • Return the requisition to the Approver by checking Undo All



The approver can assign select users, determined by System Administrator, to approve in his/her absence. Approvers can assign the delegate under the User Preference Tab.

Note: Both users will receive email notifications and be able to take action on awaiting approvals.

Select the Approval ID that will need to be Delegated.

Add Delegate users with Start Dates and End Date (temporary), or no End Date (permanent).

Select Update to Add Delegate user selected, delete Delegate or save changes. Select Submit to confirm Delegation and return to the previous screen.


Both the Delegate and the Approver will receive the requisition in the Approval Tab.



The Reports sub-tab contains reports for the approval process. Options may vary.

To run a report, select a report.

Select the Delivery option. If email is selected, enter in an email to send the completed report. Some reports require the entry of criteria prior to this step (example: Requisition number).

Note: If Next Button does not appear, the provided criteria have insufficient data. Select Return to adjust any criteria given before continuing.

The Report request confirmation message will appear under Select Report Request. To view the request, select Status.

If the Delivery option “Online” was selected, the completed report can be downloaded by selecting the floppy-disk icon. If email was selected, the email will arrive upon completion.


Please select the link below to access the PDF.

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