easyPurchase™ Receive Reference Guide

This document provides a condensed overview of the easyPurchaseTM Receive Process.  It will demonstrate with short text descriptions supported by screen shots for each step explained.


Selecting a Purchase Order to Receive

Under the Receive tab, the user can see his/her submitted Purchase Orders by searching the bracketed fields below

Select a Purchase Order from the Search Results or Return to the Search Criteria.


Receiving Product

A Purchase Order can be received by checking Receive All Open Items and Submit.

Note: Partial quantities can be received at the line-item level.

The following fields can be edited:

  1. Receive All Open Items: check to receive all existing line items
  2. Close All Line Items: check to indicate no further receiving activity
  3. Update All Rec’d By: Header Level recipient (Deliver To) applied to all quantity received
  4. Sort Option: Default Sort or Product Description
  5. Received Quantity: enter quantity received (can be less or more than PO Qty)
  6. Received by: Line-Item Level recipient (Deliver To) applied to specified product(s) received
  7. Close Item: check to indicate no further receiving activity for line-item level
  8. Submit: saves receiving information


Receiving Confirmation Message will display as shown below. The user will also be able to view the receiving history (the quantity received, the receive date, Purchase Order Requester, and recipient).

Note: When the user receives full quantity of the line item, the item will close automatically.


Transaction Status

The General Ledger communicates either Pending (Success) or Failed Receipt.

The status column displays the General Ledger’s error message.

The user can:

  • Resubmit the receipt by selecting Retry Transaction
  • Remove the transaction from General Ledger by selecting Delete Transaction, but completes receipt in easyPurchaseTM

Please select the link below to view PDF version of easyPurchase™ Receive Reference Guide.

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