August 2023

Release Note - August 2023

2023 Q3 Midterm Training Release: July 28, 2023

2023 Q3 Midterm Production Release: August 4, 2023

ESM Purchase

Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) Override Support for Banner Ethos Integration

We are excited to announce the Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) Override feature is now added to our ESM Purchase Banner Ethos Integration. This enhancement offers an efficient and flexible solution to handle NSF scenarios, ensuring smoother financial operations and preventing unnecessary disruptions.

Key Benefits and Features:

  1. Streamlined Approval Process: By offering the NSF Override feature, the managers and authorized personnel can approve the transactions with accounts that has non-sufficient fund without receiving errors. This streamlined approval process saves time and resources, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  2. Enhanced Financial Flexibility: This enhancement allows users to easily handle transactions that would otherwise result in insufficient funds, granting the organization greater flexibility and control over their financial operations.

The Allow Non-Sufficient Fund Override setting is added the ESM Purchase Admin > General Settings > Edit Entity Setting page for Banner Ethos Integration customers. When this setting is turned on, the transactions can be successfully sent to Banner after approved in ESM without receiving the NSF error message.

ESM Purchase> Admin Page > General Settings > Edit Entity Settings

Bug Fixes

The following bug is fixed with this release.

  • The item descriptions in Colleague PO and BPOs is truncated and put into Internal/External Note fields.

ESM Source

Bug Fixes

The following bug is fixed with this release.

  • The tooltip is misaligned in ESM Source Admin > Event Library > Add/Edit Template.

Supplier Portal

Interactive Guidance

Within event responses users can click the question mark icon located next to certain features within the supplier portal, by clicking the icon a short interactive walkthrough will guide the user how to use the feature:

Interactive Walkthrough Icon

Resource Center

Further guidance material has been added to the Resource Center to assist users when using the Supplier Portal.

Bug Fixes

The following bug is fixed with this release.

  • The tooltip is misaligned in ESM Supplier Portal > Profile > Business Classification.


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