April 2023

2023 April Hotfix Training Release: April 12

2023 April Hotfix Production Release: April 14

Table of Contents

  1. ESM Purchase Enhancement - Banner Ethos Integration Update
  2. ESM Supplier Enhancement - User Upload

ESM Purchase

Banner Ethos Integration Update

We have added the deliveredBy data field in the Banner Ethos Integration for blanket orders. This update is specific to the Banner Ethos Integration. 

ESM Supplier

User Upload 

Users can now upload their internal user information into the ESM Supplier via user upload template to bulk create and/or update their users. The similar capability is also found in ESM Purchase. 

Learn more about the User Upload .

Import Template page is added to the ESM Supplier Admin page. To access the User Upload tool, The ESM Supplier administrators can navigate to Admin > Select Function > Import Templates > Template Type > Supplier User. 


ESM Supplier > Admin > Import Templates

ESM Supplier > Admin > Import Templates > Supplier User

S/FTP data file import and the PGP data encryption file type are also supported in the ESM Supplier User Upload tool.

Learn more about the PGP Data Encryption

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