Managing Scheduled Reports

Below are the steps for managing report schedules within the reporting application.

1. Click on the Manage Scheduled Reports icon. A list of schedules will display, along with reports that were generated via the Email Report option.


2. Select the Pencil icon.


3. The report schedule wizard will open to allow for edits. Refer to the ‘How to schedule a report’ article for more information on these fields. Click Finish once changes are completed.


If a schedule needs to be deleted, use the red ‘x’ icon.

The ‘Flush’ option at the top of the screen can be used to remove completed or deleted items.


If logged in as an admin user, all schedules created within your organization will be displayed in the Manage Scheduled Reports menu option. For users who are not administrators, only schedules created by the user will display in Manage Scheduled Reports.

To schedule a report to run out of ESM to your SFTP, your IT will need to whitelist the address that the report is coming from: IP Addresses for Whitelist

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