How to schedule a report

Below are the steps for creating a report schedule within the reporting application.

1.  Click on the report name, then click the menu icon on the far right.

2.  Select the Schedule Report option.


3.  Add a Schedule Name.


4. Select the Export Type and add a password if needed.

5. Specify the Schedule Time, which is the time of day the report will generate.

6. Specify the Recurrence Pattern: Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. Then, specify the parameters related to the selection. (For example, if the report should generate weekly, select the day of the week.)

       a. The options to the right will change depending on the selected value.

7. Specify the Range of Recurrence, which indicates how many times the schedule should run by either a numeric or date value.

8. Click Next to move to the Filters screen. Filters already applied to the report will display by default. Filters that would normally prompt for values would need to have values specified.


9. Click Next to move to the Recipients screen.

     a. Enter the email addresses separated by commas. Users who are outside the organization can be included.

     b. Enter a Subject line. If left blank, the email subject will be set to the report name.

     c. Enter message body text if desired.

10. Click Finish to complete the setup.



Example of scheduled report email:


NOTE: If a report is changed after a schedule is created (such as adding or removing columns or changing a filter), the changes will not be reflected in the scheduled report at this time. ESM recommends deleting the current schedule and creating a new one if the report is changed.

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