Supplier Management - Approve

After a supplier submits a response to the registration form, email notifications will be generated for the assigned approvers.


Approve users will see the number of active approvals next to the Approve tab:


Approvers can locate specific form submissions with the below search options:

  • Filter By allows the user to target Active, Rejected and Approved forms. The Waiting option will show forms that are pending approval from other users.
    • Active indicates the current user’s action is required.
  • Showing will filter results based on the Approve Arrival Date.
  • Sort By Arrival Date, Status, Submitted By (A-Z), Submitted By (Z-A), Supplier (A-Z) or Supplier (Z-A).
  • Search by Supplier Name.

The Clear All link will restore the search to the default options.

Select the Supplier Name to review the response in detail.



Approval Details

By default, the section requiring your approval with the lowest Priority value will be expanded. The Supplier Information section and any sections that do not require approval will also be accessible. The sections will contain all information entered by the supplier to allow approvers to review and verify.

If you are not the active approver for a section, the section will display with a lock icon, indicating the section and response details are not accessible.


The View Workflow Details section will display the approval history for the supplier response, including the names of the approvers and the approval status of each form section.


Select Approve to approve the section. If additional approvals are needed, the next calculated approver(s), based on priority sequence, will receive email notifications.



Rejecting a Supplier Response

If the response should be rejected, select the Reject button. After the confirmation popup, a Rejection Note popup will display. An email notification will be sent to the supplier to indicate the response was rejected, and the supplier’s status will change to Rejected. The Rejection Note will also be visible on the supplier record in the Supplier Management tab.



Final Approval

When the last calculated approver has approved the supplier response, the supplier status will update to Approved. The Active for Procurement checkbox will be checked by default for new suppliers, meaning the supplier and any associated Order From addresses will be available for searching on the Shop page under the Non-Catalog Items link as well as in optional functionality such as Purchase Agreement and Storeroom.

The supplier will also receive an email notification.


If integrated to a GL/ERP system and Enable Export Sync is selected, the supplier will be exported to the GL/ERP system. For new suppliers, the Supplier GL Code and Address ID values will be updated once the GL/ERP processes the information.

If there are any errors during integration, a GL Alert email will be sent to the user who initiated the export.


A Supplier Management user can retry the integration in the Supplier Management tab by modifying the supplier record and selecting the Continue button.


Supplier Profile Changes

If a supplier modifies their profile or custom section responses after approval, the supplier must submit the form again. The supplier remains Active for Procurement during this process unless a Supplier Management user unchecks this setting.

Changes to sections with “Auto Approve Supplier Edits” checked will not need additional approval. Changes to other sections, including common sections (Business Classification, Commodities, Company Type, Supplier Addresses) will require approval.

If integrated to a GL/ERP and a supplier record has Enable Export Sync checked, a notification will be generated to all Supplier Management Admin users if a previously approved supplier adds or removes a Remit To address. The notification is a precaution to ensure approvers review changes to prevent fraudulent activity.


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